A new concept. A innovative video & photo company

Wait Studios is a photo and video agency with headquarters in Milan.

The goal is to realize photography and video campaigns of the highest quality through the best photographers and video-makers in the scene.

With Wait Studio, we seek out in the market to offer our clients two categories of persons from us, dubbed: New Talents and Masters.

The New Talents are interesting, young, and promising, which we select base on active maniacal research. Representing the possibility for us to incubate and launch these young photographers and directors. For the companies willing to bet on a new name, but also at the same time, talented with unparalleled price-quality.

The Masters are well established with experience and has worked with large companies. They are selected by us with the utmost attention for their unique professional talents of great creativity and acute awareness to interpret the client’s mood.

Our work is to accompany in the path of continual growth and promotion through Wait Studios and all the platforms associated with our parent company Wait Media: SHOPenauer and Wait –

Wait Studios is a hybrid and original company. Not only representing artist as an agency, not only collaborating from the creative and production perspective like a production company but also fostering even their own artists as a PR Agency.

The world that changes and is the opportunity to produce the idea

With the explosion of the web and social, it is even more essential to communicate stories, products, and projects through the medium of photography and video.

Companies have the needs to imperatively communicate through video and must continually do so, in a recurring manner and by being cutting-edge than before.

The web requires continual content and it burns quickly: for this reason, companies (even very large ones), can not arrange for one single web project with the same budget as a one of the past television campaign from before.

At the same time, an occasion has been created which we believe has not been harvested. The digital affirmation and the decrease in prices for the tools give life to the new possibilities: that of which to challenge the industry, primarily, with the talent and creativity.

With Wait Studios, we want to provide companies a single product and impeccable at an accessible price; for this we search for the best talents between photographer and video makers: those still to be discovered, in a phase of affirmation, which they have notable works to show for.

We want to suggest a path that accompanies growth and value. We want to give to companies unique finished products, thrilling, and convey the essence of the brand communicated.